Saturday 18th August – The Grasmoor Six Wainwright Fells

Title: The Grasmoor Six Wainwright Fells

Arrival: 09:15

Set off: 09:30

Location – Meet Point:  NY158208 Car Park by Lanthwaite Green Farm, Crummock Water

Distance: approx 17km

Ascent: 1225m

Duration: 6-8 hours depending on breaks

Rating: Moderate-Hard ; this is an unreccied walk.

Route Description: The online walk description states – Mostly clearly defined grass paths, some clambering up rocky steps, and one section of loose scree; Potentially dangerous for a dog.  Steep crags close to the route. There is no water available from the slopes up to Grasmoor until dropping down into Rannerdale nearing the end of the walk.

From the parking area cross the road onto the common and follow the path bearing left across grass towards the foot of Whin Ben. A new footbridge over Liza Beck will appear in view only when you are almost on top of it. Cross the footbridge and bear left up the bank, at the top bear right and shortly after bear left to start the ascent of Whin Ben. Through heather, zigzag up the nose of the ridge. An occasional rocky step is there to provide a little interest though none of them require much effort to overcome.

Having taken a breather on the minor top of Whin Ben, continue down to the little col, and then up through more heather. As you climb higher the way becomes more rocky with some terraces to clamber up. Below to your right is the deep cleft of Gasgale Gill with Grasmoor beyond. Out to your left eventually the sea sparkling on a clear day.

From the summit of Whiteside bear right onto the ridge.

Now the ridge narrows and undulates but keeps a comfortable footing with crags on the right and more gentle grass slopes to your left. Sometimes the path drops to just below and left of the crest to avoid a precarious rocky step.

The ridge ends abruptly at the summit of Hopegill Head.

From the summit of Hopegill Head turn right to first drop down a little and then up over the rounded minor top of Sand Hill. On the far side follow the path through scree to the wide grassy col of Coledale Hause.

Continue across the Hause, keeping right, aiming roughly south for the pass between Eel Crag on the left and Grasmoor on the right. The path to the top of the pass is rough, but don’t go that far. In 400 to 500m (550 yards) from the edge of the hause cross the beck to your right, skirt left of the boggy patch if you’re a bit keen, and look for a faint path climbing the grassy slopes. You are more likely to see it once you have passed it. If you have just climb the slopes anyway to join the path along the top of the crags on the northern face of Grasmoor. Bear left.

From the summit of Grasmoor turn very sharp left, bearing slightly south of east on the wide path. Pass the exit of the Lad Hows ridge, keep to the wide path. Crag Hill comes into view across the col. The path follows the edge of the plateau with spectacular views down to Rannerdale, Crummock Water, and the High Stile range across Buttermere.

Continue up the other side initially eastwards, then bearing slightly left to the trig point of Crag Hill.

From the trig point on Crag Hill retrace your steps back towards the cross roads, but before reaching it bear left to pick up a narrow path along the top of Addacombe heading round to Wandope.

From the cairn on Wandope turn right, slightly south of west, onto a path across the grass above the head of Third Gill to the cairn at the top of Whiteless Edge.

At the cairn bear left onto the very obvious path down Whiteless Edge to Saddle Gate – as its name suggests it is a saddle or col, and climb up the other side to Whiteless Pike.

Continue over the summit of Whiteless Pike. The path bears left, south, to meander gently and drop down to the head of Rannerdale and Squat Beck.

Reaching Squat Beck, with the long ridge of Rannerdale Knotts ahead and to the right, turn right to continue descending now gently into the pretty and relatively hidden valley of Rannerdale. Follow the path as it crosses the beck, and later alongside the wall.

Approaching the footbridge go through the gate in the wall and cross the bridge over Squat Beck once again.

Follow the wide terraced path, continue above the pastures of Rannerdale Farm until eventually the road is reached. Turn right and walk along the roadside back to the car park.

Please contact Julie on 07923078612 by 6pm on Friday if you are coming on this walk.

The walk leader reserves the right to modify the route or cancel the walk dependent on conditions.


Sun 26th March – Grasmoor Walk

Starting Point: Buttermere (exact location TBA)

Car Parking: There are plenty of car parking options in Buttermere – National trust, pay & display and off road laybys.

Description: Grasmoor is an imposing fell that dominates the landscape of the North Western fells, where it is the tallest of the group.

Route: Starting in Buttermere we head out of the village to join the path that takes us up to Whiteless Pike. The ridge climbs past this Wainwright up to the higher peak of Wandope. Having paused to enjoy the fantastic view from the summit the path takes us toward the back of Grasmoor. It is a short ascent up to the plateau on top. Our descent is initially steep but easily navigable and soon the gradient flattens as we drop down toward Crummock water. The final part of our journey takes us along the small valley down the side of Rannerdale Knotts back to Buttermere.

Grade: Strenuous

High Point: Grasmoor summit (852m)

Distance: TBC

Meet time: 9.15

Start time: 9.30

Time: Approx 5-6 hours

Leader: Tom

For the walk please notify Tom by 6.00pm on Friday 24th March. 07760 660 113