We are always pleased to welcome new members on our walks to get their boots dirty.

We have a large selection of walks catering for all levels of experience and stamina, from gentle strolls to energetic ridge walks requiring a good degree of fitness and stamina. We just ask that new people choose an easier walk to begin with (leisurely or moderate).
To join in all you have to do is phone or txt the walk leader of that particular walk for more details and to introduce yourself.

Our walks tend to be in mountainous terrain in rural areas. Please have suitable footwear and clothing for the walk you intend to join.

Walking Kit

Footware For easier walks you can get away with trainers but please double check with the walk leader to see if terrain is suitable. Moderate walks require Boots or cross-country trainers to keep your feet dry and decent tread to help grip the ground.
Clothing – Artificial fibres are best as they dry fast. You don’t have to have dedicated kit e.g. polyester or your football top and tracky bottoms is just as good in a pinch, a fleecy top or jumper for warmth and in colder months hat and gloves.
Waterproofs You live in the uk so we presume you already have a waterproof. rRemember to bring it otherwise it will rain as our chairperson found out. On moderate walks and above you need waterproof trousers as well.
Food  to eat and water to drink. We recommend bringing at least a 1 litre ideally 2, even if the walk includes a pub stop.
Bag Finally a rucksack to put it all in. Your old schoolbag will do just please don’t turn up with a plastic carrier bag you will find it really uncomfortable really quickly.

Leaders reserve the right to accept participants who in their opinion are inadequately equipped or unfit for the type of walk.


You can do a couple of taster walks before you join the Ramblers. If you wish to join click on the Ramblers website link below and put “summitt good 20’s to 30’s ” as the group you wish to join (we were originally set up as a 20 -30’s before adding 40s and system is stuck with old name).

Become a member: http://www.ramblers.org.uk/membership

Email List

The group has an email list for sending out last minute updates, etc. To sign up please email Katie
Facebook If you haven’t found it yet, our Facebook group is here

SuMMit Good Contacts

Tom – Chair and Walks co-ordinator
Katie – Secretary
Matt – Treasurer & Web