Current insurance policy from the Ramblers Charity.

Points to remember:

  • This is public indemnity insurance to cover the club, members, and the walk leader from being sued by either the public or a walker on a club walk.
  • Protection is extended to non-members for a maximum 3 walks.
  • Cover for a claim by the affected party who has “demonstrated that they have suffered as a result of negligence.”
  • Important word here is negligence e.g. gate left open and the cattle escaped. This is not a medical cover for accidents e.g. foot slipped. it is designed
  • For insurance to be valid the nominated leader of the activity has to be a member of the ramblers at the time of the activity.
  • As we are the ramblers the insurance presumes the activity is walking. the committee has to double check if any other activity.
  • While we may tell people about other events using this website they shall be stated as unofficial information and not accepted as a club event covered by insurance.

Insurance Certificate 2016/17

Insurance guide 2016/17

Up to date information can be found in a toolkit published by the Ramblers Here