Sunday 4th November Ambleside Walk and AGM

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Sorry looks like I put on the wrong page of the website hopefully more people see it now. all members were emailed so AGM is still going ahead. Its my scatterbrain the reason we can’t delay the AGM any later. Matthew

Okay its looks like we are going to have an AGM!

We have to give 14 days notice which from this weekend is Sunday 4th November and bonus it avoids Half term week.
We will combine a walk with the AGM to make it more interesting but if you can only make it for half the day that’s perfectly fine it is not mandatory to be there the whole day.  🙂 If you would like to help or be on the committee but cannot make it on the day just send an email to:
So what I propose is a short walk from Ambleside as it is fairly central 3 to 5 hours max followed by taking over a bunch tables upstairs in Esquires or at a Pub to collect details and have somewhere dry to do the signatures.
Leader Matthew
Walk Start time 10:00am
Meet point Outside Ambleside Post Office/Tourist information
Distance 7.5 miles
Height 500m
Grade easy/moderate
Route will be along Ambleside to Rydal with a bit of road walking up Nab Scar then down to Alcock Tarn down to GRassmere and back along the old Coffin Route to Ambleside. with a bit pavement walking at the end.
AGM Meet point Esquires Coffeeshop
Time 2:30
UnderLoughrigg road is free
School car park is donations.
and Council Pay and Display.
If any of you want to or know anyone who wants to put a walk on let me know and I’ll update the website.
If you spot a flaw in my plans please do let me know.
My contact details are
Mobile: 07878352150
Background reading if you would like to be on the committee and some web-links for you
The above link contains all the information for volunteers, group admin etc.
The above is a mix of documents for running both Area and Groups
Basically ramblers has broken the Country down into what’s called Areas (think Counties) who look after the groups (think local councils) everything goes through Area to the Central office (think government).
The important bit is the change of officers form and how to run a AGM.
This link is the group role descriptions as I described as you can see the ramblers has quite a lot of time there’s 2 pages.
The three we have to have are:
Group Chair – organise walk leaders, deal with complaints
Group Secretary –  first point of contact, AGM minutes
Group Treasurer – looks after cheque book and fills in form telling AGM and Area Committee what we spent money on.
In the past dependant on number of volunteers and what the group wanted we had.
Walks co-ordinator – takes pressure of chair
Social Secretary – organise meals drinks etc.
New members Secretary – welcome new or potential members to group
As we don’t have a Geographic patch in ramblers parlance we don’t have to worry about the footpaths and legal notices and planning applications etc and all those committee positions.